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Cuplock Standard (Vertical)

Our range of vertical Cuplock is available to suit any application. The connection point of cuplock is set at every 0.5 mtr. vertical intervals for maximum volatility in use. The lower cups are welded in position so that the upper movable cups are retained by a fixed stop. Further, the verticals are drilled for the fixing of spigot joint.
These cuplock standard / verticals are available in standard sizes starting from 0.5 mtr. to 3 mtr.

Adjustable U-Jack

Our company offers adjustable U-Jacks on hire, which provides a method of adjustment which can be used at either the top or bottom of a scaffold support structure.

Spigots / Joint Pins

We offer industrial Spigots which are known for their durability and higher performance. Spigots are bolted to lower vertical and are used when necessary verticals are connected end to end.

Scaffold Tubes/ M.S Pipes

We provide Mild Steel pipes for structural purpose and mechanical & general engineering purpose. These are durable & fast the process of Erection & Dismantling in Plants & Refineries.

Scaffold Props

Scaffolding adjustable props are used for support all kinds of form work, slabs, beams, wall & columns. On one side Base plate are there and on other end U-head plate or Base plate is welded.
These are supplied according to customer needs. These are available in different sizes like 2X2 mtr., 2X3 mtr., 3X3 mtr. etc.


Our Scaffold Heavy duty castors are of the excellent quality and high efficiency. We offer these in 6 inches diameters and has a load carrying capacity of around 1000 kg/castor.

Horizontal Ledgers

We deals in wide range of Scaffolding Horizontal ledger which are available in different sizes ranges from 1 mtr. to 2.5 mtr. Ledger (Horizontal) have forged end blades welded at both the ends of tube.

Adjustable Base Jacks

Adjustable Base Jack available with us are widely used during building construction work providing end to end connection to scaffolding structure. Used on top for support purpose & at bootom if land is not hard.


These are highly used in construction industry. Generally on this worker stands to do varion construction tasks on height. It is placed over some scaffold structure. These are made of finest quality steel and ensures long life and strength.

Fixed couplers/Clamps

Scaffold couplers are fundamental component that is used to assemble tube-and-coupler scaffolding. This basic fitting is designed to join two scaffold tubes. It can be used to create a diverse range of scaffolding structures.
It provides stronger grip easier to handle when connecting standard or ledger to ledger or to any tube at right angle.

Swivel Couplers/Clamp

These are used to assemble tube -and- coupler scaffolding. It provides stronger grip easier to handle when connecting standard or ledger to ledger or to any tube at Any angle.

Steel Plates

These are used in construction industry to give support to concrete when making beams, walls or many such other things. These are made of finest quality steel and hence are highly durable. These plates are available in various sizes to meet Customer requirement.