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Nittex India is well established & reliable supplier of Scaffolding and Shuttering material in India.
Owing to the vast experience in this field, we specialize in providing Scaffolding and Shuttering material on RENTAL / HIRE basis for construction of residential, commercial and industrial sites.
Our goal is to provide prompt and efficient services at very competitive price without compromising on the quality of material. The products we supply are manufactured using high-grade material and comply with international quality standards.

Our constant efforts towards modernise our facilities makes us even more qualitative and the same time more competitive in today's market scenario.
Our proactive approach and close communication with customers help us understand their needs and concerns to serve them better. We stick to stringent delivery schedules to facilitate timely availability of necessary material on construction sites.


Our customer base in the Indian Market includes Oil Refineries, Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants , Builders and Other Civil Contractors.
We perform work for our clients, Aiming for the best service in the industry.



Our aim is to reach the highest level of client satisfaction in all areas and to work with our clients involving a proactive approach and move our service along with new technology developments within our industry to ensure a positive quality service.


Scaffolding is an impermanent arrangement which is utilized to assist workers and materials while repairing or building edifices and other forms of big constructions. Scaffolding is normally carried out as a standard structure of metal tubes and pipes.